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22 April 2011 @ 07:14 pm
[Plan] Volume content  
Columns: * are optional
I'm planing to make the magazine quarterly. So it may have above 300 pages/volume.

1. Tea Party*: interviews, talks, Mochizuki's blog translation... (about 2-3 pages)
2. Scanlation: extras, omakes, doujinshi... (about 30 - 70 pages)
3. Character of the month: character profiles, reviews, fanarts, everything about the choosen character. (about 10 - 20 pages)
4. Couple of the month: everything about the choosen couple. (about 10 - 20 pages)
5. Gallery: fanarts, colorings, photos, official colored artworks/scans (textless meaning it must be redrawed)  (about 30 - 70 pages)
6. News*. (1-2 pages)
7. Reviews - Previews.
8. Role playing: people will send whatever questions for a certain character, and the choosen one will have to answer as that character role. (can be up to 10 pages)
9. Test, quiz, games: test your knowledge of Pandora Hearts or something like that (can be up to 10 pages)
10. Fanfiction: oneshots, multi chapters. (can be up to 20-30 pages) Often don't focus any character/pairing.
11. Other manga/anime recommendations*: manga with same genres, plot... must have scanlation somewhere. (1-2 pages)
12. Credits and special thanks.

This was build from current Vietnamese version of the magazine.
Any other ideas?
gommyommy: Breakforkgommyommy on April 29th, 2011 05:45 pm (UTC)
So is there already a Vietnamese version out there? And will some of the content from the Vietnamese version be translated into the English version?

The only thing I can suggest that hasn't already been mentioned is general articles about subjects of interest...for example:
--a review of the various places online one can RP Pandora Hearts
--reviews of official volumes/DVDs of PH, comparing to fansubs/scanlations

Also I didn't see a cosplay section, but maybe that can be just pictures in the Gallery section.
Fabula Nova Crystallis: Jack - He was my best friend...nova_crystal on May 2nd, 2011 01:48 am (UTC)
Yes, we're working on a Vietnamese version, and it's nearly done. I think the contents of Vietnamese version aren't as good as international version. So, we should stick with contributions from people.

Yes, those reviews are included in the review-preview section... Oops, I forgot to mention it above /goes to fix it

Yes, cosplay is included in Gallery section too.

Thanks for the suggestions!
Altair Imystherawpotato on November 22nd, 2011 03:48 am (UTC)
I can contribute my fanart of PH if you're willing to accept it. However, it's already posted on my deviantart. So if you wanted exclusive artwork, I don't have time to draw. :( Just let me know.
Anyways, I'd be happy to proofread.

Fabula Nova Crystallis: ^^nova_crystal on November 22nd, 2011 06:37 am (UTC)
Can I see some of your works?

We prefer unpublished works, but we accept published works too, if it has enough quality.

Altair Imystherawpotato on November 23rd, 2011 06:03 pm (UTC)
There's only one I think that's optimum quality. I can change the watermark if you'd like.

Click for Full-size image
Fabula Nova Crystallis: ^^nova_crystal on November 24th, 2011 04:12 am (UTC)
Oh it's lovely :)

We'll be very glad if you can contribute fanarts. And thanks :)
Altair Imystherawpotato on November 24th, 2011 11:14 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Glad to help.
the_shakunai on December 6th, 2011 02:05 pm (UTC)
Can I contribute a fan art?
It will be on my DA